Money Tree Soil – What Is Best?

If you are in a situation where you are wondering what the best money tree soil is, you must be about to transplant or you are having some difficulties with your pachira aquatica (money tree).

First, let me say that this tree likes a small container.  Of course, it you want to grow it tall, you will probably need to re-pot it.  Just don’t swallow it up with a huge container.

That said, the money plant tree likes soil that drains real well.  It does not like wet and mushy soil or roots.  A good medium to use for your money tree is a cactus potting mix along with some extra perlite.  You could also add some extra bark or a bit of sand.  You want to be sure that the soil does not compact when it dries out (as most soils will), because you will be letting the mix get dry between waterings.  Sometimes, the best money tree soil might not be soil at all!