Money Tree History

Looking for a little money tree history? You may be wondering, “what is a money tree plant and how did all of this get started?” Here is what I could find after a bit of searching.  A cool little story!  I am going to believe it is true.   The story goes something like this….

There was a poor Taiwanese farmer who was down on his luck.   He prayed for help with his finances. One day, when he went out to the fields, he noticed a new and unusual plant.   He decided that it must be sent down as an answer to his prayers.  So, he took the plant home and began to spend a lot of time nurturing and taking care of it. He was able to sell it’s seeds and nuts.  He also grew more of these plants and sold them as well.  Soon, his money troubles were over.  That is why this plant is called the Money Plant. It is believed to bring wealth and good fortune, just as it did to the poor farmer.

The story of the tree traveled to other countries.  In China, it is given as a gift for the Chinese New Year.  They follow a lunar calendar.  So, the tree is given with the new moon on the first day of the new moon.

Here, in the United States, it is widely used as a gift. It is hoped that it will bring prosperity to the new owner.